Have you noticed that most real estate agents work by transaction? 

This means that these agents tend to value the transaction over the client. They meet their clients, sell or buy the home, and then move on to the next client they’ve sourced once the transaction is completed.

For me, this isn’t how I want to work because it doesn’t fit who I am.

It comes down to the adage “quality over quantity.” I want to have a relationship with my clients that goes beyond just actual real estate. I want a camaraderie that surpasses the professional one. 

This type of relationship is a chance for me to truly know my customers and care about them and they, in turn, will recommend me to their friends and family. 

It’s a win for both sides of the equation.

Here’s a little more about why I work by referral.

Relationships are Far More Important Than The Transaction

I can’t stress this enough. At the end of the day, a transaction is transitory. Meaning it’s here, it serves its purpose, and then the transactional agent just moves on.

My business is based on relationships, I have friends who are clients and clients who are now friends.  We often remain friends far after the transaction. My clients know I’m “there for them” even long after their transaction is over.  It’s one of the many reasons my business is such fun!  My clients make it fun!  I’m there for the weddings, quinces, bar mitzvahs, communions;  all the celebrations as well as the other lifetime events.  

One of the greatest honors I have is when my clients, their friends and family refer me to help them sell or buy real estate. 

Because most of my business is from referrals, that means I don’t have to work on sourcing and finding new clients. I can instead focus on the client, making sure my time and attention to detail is about them.  I’m all about making the real estate transaction work for YOU!

You Control My Business.

So, as I mentioned before because I work by referral, the client — you– are an integral part of  my business. That means I’m working for you, with your best interest in mind, and making you as happy and satisfied as possible.

My goal is to make you so satisfied with my work that you refer me to someone who is looking for an agent, whether it’s a friend, family member, or someone you trust. With referrals, it’s like one big happy family. And I honestly can’t think of a better way to work. 

It’s natural, it’s real, and it’s what I want for the most symbiotic relationship for both parties.

Care, Help, and Service After the Sale.

I love devoting my services, and myself, to every part of your real estate need so that I’m here for any specific item to address before, during, and after the sale. I’m not here for the transaction and gone as soon as it’s done!

My goal is to stay with you for as long as we are in touch, and for as long as you want. 

So, once the transaction is complete, I’m still here to help answer any questions, help you with any concerns about the house, or anything else you might have a question about after the main goal is completed. I plan to stay right by your side, aiding you as you transition, and for as long as you need me.

I hope this has put your mind at ease. I want you to know I’m here for you every step of the way and beyond! I look forward to working with you and those whom you trust around you because, at the end of the day, the relationship with you is all that matters.

For all of your real estate needs, reach out to me today. You can visit my website or call me direct, Janice Colby, at (925) 989-9293 (CalDRE License # 01270034).